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justfuckinglisten-deactivated20 Asked: "Do you come up with all those quotes on your own?"


Almost everything is a submission. But every once in awhile, I’ll throw my own turn on in there.

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theraindropstreasure Asked: "I was wondering if it would be possible to have set hours when the ask/submit boxes were open? Or is it always random? I love this blog haha it's definitely one of my top favorites, except whenever I think of a potentially good submission, the boxes are closed... But other than that, this blog is seriously fantastic haha also, how many submissions would be considering spamming? I'd prefer to avoid having submissions canceled if I can avoid it haha I want to follow the rules here, so to speak. Thank you!! :)"


I’ve been thinking about doing that, but I don’t think it would work. I can’t be online at all the time, so setting a certain time would be too sketchy. I try to open up the submissions and ask box when everyone is online the most, and I let it fill up until it gets to 300. Then I go through and delete the ones I’ve already made, etc. I try making 20 submissions or more a day, then I open it back up.

As for spamming, I’d rather people just make a bulleted list, instead of submitting post after post, in a row. It gets quite annoying. I’ll make a post of an example in a second.

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i-dont-want-to-miss-a-thing Asked: "if i want to submit (i'm new) do i make the picture or just submit the writing?"


I prefer people to submit just the writing, because so far no one has quite got the formatting down.
But that’s alright, because I don’t mind making the pictures and I’m quite picky.

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musicalmasturbation-deactivated Asked: "Sorry for the question but what can we submit? Things that turns us on or pictures?"


Both. I prefer pictures of celebs and couple pictures.
Self pictures will more than likely get deleted.

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findingboo Asked: "how do you make the pictures for your turn ons??"


I use this site.

All font has to be between 60-85, depending on how much text there is to add. Arial bold font for everything.
The “” has to be size 16.

I go from a white background, to black, to red to gray. If any of the followers want to submit anything, don’t add a number to it! Because I make most submissions before hand and number them myself, then add them to the queue. We don’t want two same numbers.

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Anonymous Asked: "if you submit, do you have the option to not have the picture click thru to your profile? I dont really want certain people seeing I've submitted here.."


Are you ashamed of being on my blog, anon? That’s not very nice of you.

But no, you can just send in what you want to be made into a picture anonymously, through the ask box; or you can use the submit page and just tell me you don’t want the click through link to go back to your blog.

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o-----h Asked: "is this just one person posting on this blog or is it multiple?"


One person running the whole blog.

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richardwrightswife-deactivated2 Asked: "Do we have to make the picture ourselves or can we just submit our idea here and you/whoever else might run this puts it on the photo?"


I’m a bit picky on how I want the pictures to be formatted. It’s a long process and I’m extremely fucking anal about it.

As for submitting, most people just submit them as text posts and I make the picture myself.

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Anonymous Asked: "

you're homophobic & sexist, & its disgusting."


You’re fucking kidding me, right?

Listen up, cunt. If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve posted many gay/lesbian related pictures. I’ve had over 20 gay/lesbian people send in submissions and I posted them. I have over 30 gay or lesbian friends.

Just because I’m not going to make every single post gender neutral, doesn’t mean I’m homophobic or sexist. There’s a reason I make posts only relating to girls and guys. Get off your high horse and pull your head out of your ass.

Good day to you.

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Anonymous Asked: "Do you accept nudes?"


Please keep your nudes to yourself. This isn’t a porn site.

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Anonymous Asked: "You need to sort the design out on this. Get the right CMYK colour patterns and sort the tracking out then this could be a thousand times better"


I appreciate the feedback and the tips.
But hey bro.

This is my blog and I like the way it is.

As do most of my lovely followers.

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Anonymous Asked: "Why not instead of writing 'he' all the time, write 'they' or 'theirs'? IT would relate to so many more people that way."


This is the last time I’m going to say this, so followers pay attention.

I’m not going to do just gender neutral posts, end of. Some will be just for chicks, some just for bro’s. You can take the time to search for whichever tickles your fancy. I’m not changing the way this blog runs or how I do things. Piss off if you don’t agree with it.

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